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Inside interior of Ark Project

Cruises onboard the Ark

Ahoy, matey! Are you ready for the most unique cruising experience around Helsinki? Then gather a group of up to 12 buccaneers and prepare to have a blast! Just pick a destination, choose the time, get some refreshments, and the Ark will take care of the rest. Read about our Cruises here - from what they include, where you could go, prices, and more

Ark Project 2-hour expedition


Embark on an Expedition

This cruise is perfect for you who want to go on a shorter cruise around the seas of Helsinki. With a 2-hour Expedition, you will have time for some exploring, and various possibilities when it comes to anchoring for a quick refreshing dip in the sea.

Prices start at 390€/group.

Ark Project 4-hour Adventure


Embark on an Adventure

This cruise is perfect for you who want to spend a half-day at sea. With a 4-hour Adventure, you will have time to catch some bronzing UV rays while not sacrificing the fun of dancing around on the boat as well as reaching places a bit further away.

Prices start at 630€/group.

Ark Project 6-hour Voyage


Embark on a Voyage

This cruise is perfect for you who want to relax and have time to do a little bit of everything. With a 6-hour Voyage, extra time will allow you to expand your horizons and explore places that aren’t that close. You will have plenty of time to cruise around, anchor at multiple spots, party with ye fellow pirates, and wave hi to the Kraken. Make sure to consider our food add-ons to avoid mutiny on board.

Prices start at 890€/group.

Ark Project 8-hour Odyssey


Embark on an Odyssey

This cruise is perfect for you who want to spend an entire day at the seas of Helsinki, achieving maximum relaxation and getting every drop of that UV index. With the flexibility of an 8-hour Odyssey, there are no places you can't go. Start off your day with some heavy relaxing in the sun, jump in for a swim when anchored, and end it with butchering the lyrics of ABBA when the decks have turned into a dance floor. Food add-on is almost a must-have with this option, but you’re also allowed to bring your own lunch/dinner/fishing net.

Prices start at 1190€/group.

Cruise and Harbor Package Ark Project


Get the Ultimate Helsinki Experience

This is a perfect choice for groups that want to get the absolute most out of the Ark experience. Combine your 4, 6, and 8-hour cruises with a 2-hour-long after-cruise at the shore of Kanavaranta - the liveliest shoreline street in Helsinki.

Prices start at 990€/group.

* When planning your trip, please note that the cruising speed of the Ark is approximately 4 knots.

Do you feel something is unclear about the cruises? Be sure to check out the FAQ page. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Guests on the boat roof

Discover what the Cruises include

On board of the Ark we've got you covered


Boat instrument panel and helm

Private Captain

A licensed seadog that will be keeping you safe and afloat. Be nice with him, otherwise ye'll walk the plank!


Pizzas on the boat

Pizza Menu

You can never go wrong with some freshly baked pizzas on the sea. Coming straight from our valued partner Niska Helsinki to make you feel like you're sailing in the middle of Venice.
Full menu here. No minimum order!

15 EUR per person

Example Destinations

Get some inspiration!

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