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The Ark at Kanavaranta

Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure onboard the Ark?

What should you expect when booking our Helsinki charter?

Wonder no more! On board of the Ark we have got you covered.

And what about the Archipelago Cruise itself?

For your convenience, there are only three things to take into account before weighing the anchor and hoisting the colours!

Up to 12 people

Collect a group of up to 12 people to enjoy the open sea together. The more the merrier!

Throw an anchor?

Decide on whether and where you would like to throw an anchor during the trip. The longer the duration of your boat cruise is, the more time you will have time to enjoy the stationary fun.


Cruise around

If you are more of a cruising type, we are here for you all the way! Seeing Helsinki and its archipelago from a totally new perspective is a magical experience. The Ark cruises at a pleasant 4 knots.

You can even spice your cruise up with some Gourmet Treasures

Pizzas on the boat
Pizza Menu

You can never go wrong with some freshly baked pizzas on the sea. Coming straight from our valued partner Niska Helsinki to make you feel like you're sailing in the middle of Venice!

Two bowls on a boat deck
Bowl Menu

If you’re looking for something healthy and fresh like the sea breeze, look no further. Our partners at Fly Fusion will make sure you get a taste of Vietnam while being out on the Seven Seas of Helsinki!

Scandinavian buffet by Ark Project & Tommi's Kitchen
Scandinavian Menu

Experience the true Scandinavian spirit on board the Ark. Our partners at Tommi’s Kitchen will be delighted to bless you with a refreshing Scandinavian buffet on board!

Toast skagen by Ark Project & Tommi's Kitchen
Archipelago Menu

The ultimate way to experience the archipelago is to combine the sea experience with the Archipelago buffet. Get ready for some Toast Skagen and more from Tommi's Kitchen!

Pick what suits your boat rental needs best!

Ark Project Risteilyt

Pick your cruise length and head to conquer the Seven Seas

Ark Project Satamapaketit

Combine your voyages with an after-cruise at Kanavaranta

Ark Project lahjakortti

Give your matey an experience they'll never forget

What do fellow buccaneers think of Ark Project?

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Shoot as a message so we can plan your dream boat adventure together!


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