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Things To Do On a Boat

Ahoy fellow sailors and welcome to those who might be new to all this sea talk (to be referred to as "landlubbers" from now on).

As we dive into the awesome month of August, we're also embracing the promise of another full month of summer adventures. After all, did you know that August boasts the warmest average water temperatures in Helsinki, hovering around 18°C? Now, if you're used to hot tubs, that might not sound crazy warm, but think about this: back in May, the average was only about 7 degrees! So, it's a big step up. And believe it or not, 18°C is considered nice and warm by Finnish standards. Yeah, this is what -30°C winters do to people...

And who would've guessed that a simple statistical average could match reality so spot-on? As of today, August 9th, the water temperature stands right at 18 degrees!

With the water being so inviting at the moment, it's the perfect time to get out there and have some aqua-fun. And what better way to do that than by going on a proper sea adventure in Helsinki? And when we say "proper," we're not talking about merely dipping your toes at the beach or lounging by the pier – we mean fully immersing yourself in the element by venturing onto the sea itself.

Not sure where to start? Well, first things first, you need to figure out how you're going to get on the water. If you're not lucky enough to have your very own boat conveniently waiting for you at the dock, don't sweat it. You've got options: paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, jet skis, small boat rentals – you name it. And if you're thinking, "I want an actual boating experience," no problem. There are several boat chartering companies in Helsinki awaiting your embarkation. From the lavish offerings of luxury charters to the more authentic yet equally captivating experience provided by Ark Project, the choice is yours.

Once you've got your ride sorted, let us be your guides to a bunch of cool stuff you can do out on a boat:

1. Sunbathing

Picture yourself stretched out on the deck, feeling the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin. With the boat softly rocking and the calming sound of waves, sunbathing transforms into a wonderful mix of relaxation and peace. Feel your worries melt away as you soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, all while being enveloped by the vast sea and the stunning Finnish archipelago islands.

2. Meditation

If sunbathing alone isn't quite hitting the spot for those in search of inner peace, practicing meditation or yoga on the boat offers an equally perfect path to relaxation. Just shut your eyes, and let the sea's rhythm lead you into a profoundly calm state. It's one of the top ways to detach from the daily worries. Meditating on a boat can truly be an immersive experience, connecting you to the beautiful marine surroundings in an entirely new way.

3. Swimming

Compared to swimming at the beach, jumping into the clear waters off the boat's edge offers a much more thrilling escape from the ordinary. Imagine the refreshing splash as you go in, and the sensation of weightlessness as you glide through the water. Whether it's a quick dip or a relaxed swim made even more fun with floaties and other sea toys, the sea becomes your physical playground for a true aquatic adventure.

4. Partying

Now, here's a classic that's classic for a reason. Adding a bit of festivity to your sea adventure by hosting events or get-togethers is like injecting pure energy and joy into the mix. All you need to do is gather your crew, turn up the music, and let the boat become your private party venue. Picture yourself dancing under the open sky, sipping on some pirate rum, singing to Abba bangers, all while soaking in the unique ambience that only a sea party can offer. It's an experience where socialising and scenic beauty blend in perfect harmony. Theme party anyone?

5. Dining

Arguably the best and most important thing about being on the sea is the food. After all, keeping the sailors hungry is the most obvious way to end up with a mutiny on board. The magical thing about dining at sea is that everything tastes so much better and more special than the meals of the landlubbers. Whether it's a casual picnic feast or a grand buffet with lobster and Toast Skagen, the sea adds a touch of enchantment to every bite. Especially when enjoyed against the backdrop of a beautiful seascape, and even better if the sky is painted with hues of orange and pink as the sun sets on the horizon.

6. Fishing

Lastly, for those looking for a bit more sporty action, throwing a fishing line into the sea can be incredibly satisfying. Feel the excitement as you patiently wait for a fish to take the bait, and when it finally happens, the thrill of reeling in your catch becomes an unforgettable memory. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, fishing on the sea brings you closer to nature in a whole new way. It lets you experience a deep respect and admiration for all the creatures that call the underwater world their home.


Remember, this list isn't a set of separate options – it's more like mixing and matching to create a truly unique sea experience. So, set sail, ye pirate!

All of this and more awaits you on our famous Ark Cruises. From sunny moments to karaoke-filled fun, from refreshing swims to peaceful meditation, our charming trawler is a haven where every experience is carefully crafted.

Our promise to you is a private, authentic, and accessible adventure that lingers in your heart long after the waves have passed. Book your cruise now and join us in embracing the beauty of Helsinki's waters like never before. Your maritime adventure awaits!

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